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Side Sleeping - Night Shift

  Intelligent and Interactive Positional Sleep Monitoring - Night Shift Sleep Repositioner

Night Shift uses vibrotactile feedback to discourage supine sleep and treat mild to moderate sleep apnea. Supine feedback is initiated only after the patient falls asleep; the frequency and intensity of feedback adapts to meet the requirements of each user.
Web-based reports provide compliance information associated with changes in sleep position, efficiency and snoring.The low-profile enclosure and quick-release magnetic buckle enclosed in a soft silicone neck strap provides a comfortable, safe and secure fit.

Key features of the Night Shift

  • Three-night trial provides detailed reporting for a baseline and two-nights with feedback
  • 12 months of user history stored
  • Dramatic result for user in virtually eliminating supine sleep
  • Within-and across-month compliance reports present:

- Utilization patterns
- Outcomes associated with the frequency and intensity of delivered feedback
- Actigraphy-based sleep time and efficiency
- Quantified snoring levels


RRP $399 inc GST

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